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Kyocera Ecosys Service & Warranty Information

Kyocera service from PC&L:

PC&L is a authorized Kyocera Service Provider for the Ecosys line of printer, MFPs and many of the Kyocera Copystar digital copier/printers.  We have been servicing Kyocera printer for 22 years and have multiple certified Kyocera technicians.  Because we sell so many Kyocera printers, we service more printers and have more experience on the Kyocera line.  We also have a good amount of parts on hand.  Our competitive rates and product knowledge results in what we feel is the best service available for your Ecosys printers.  PC&L is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has never had a compliant file against us. 

PC&L provides technical support for all Kyocera printers and multi-function if purchased from us.  Technical support is available Monday through Thursday from 0830 AM to 5 PM and Friday from 0830 to 4PM.  Please call 800-473-7909 or in Houston call 713-462-6474.  You will need to have the serial number of the machine needing support.  This can normally be found under the top cover on the right side or on the back lower left corner.    Also please the error code if the machine is displaying one. 

If you have on on-site service or warranty upgrade agreement purchased from PC&L please call the numbers above even if service agreement is with a third party company.  Our support staff may be able to resolve the problem over the phone.  If not they can create the service call with the 3rd party company and monitor the repair.

Not all suppliers of Kyocera Ecosys printers provide service on the Ecosys printer & MFP line and most of the internet only stores are not service authorized.  Many do not even have a office nerveless a warehouse to stock product. Check your source before you buy to see if they can support the product. PC&L is a brick and mortar Kyocera dealer with an internet presence.

PC&L provides on-site warranty and post-warranty service on Kyocera Ecosys printers from our office in Houston  that spans east-west from Beaumont to San Antonio and north-south from Austin to Galveston, TX.   Our Houston office offers depot repair service for all Ecosys printers from anywhere in the U.S.. Average turn around time of 48 hours from the time the printer is received to when repaired and ready to ship out and all work in guaranteed.

PC&L offers on-site warranty service, extended warranties upgrades, service agreements, managed print services, and T&M service as needed in our service zone.   We also offer depot repair services that includes warranty service,  extended warranties upgrades, service agreements and T&M service as needed.  Please call 800.473.7909 (in Houston call 713.462.6474) to schedule service or for contract price quotes.

Unlike many of Kyocera's copier dealers, PC&L will service Kyocera Ecosys printers that were not purchased from us.  

On-site service for customers outside our service zone:

On-site service and extended warranties are available from Kyocera and 3rd party service providers for printers PC&L sells out of our service zone.   This information is shipped with each printer and the end user has 30 days from the date of purchase to upgrade or extended the warranty from 3rd party service providers and up to one year from Kyocera but the warranty starts at the date the printer was purchased.

Detailed Kyocera warranty information and warranty upgrades:


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