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Kyocera Ecosys A3 B&W Multi-functions 


25PPM B&W Multifunction            


       30PPM B&W Multifunction

B&W Network Printing, Digital Copier, Scanning and optional Fax

 A4 (up to 11" x 17" ledger size paper)  B&W Multifunction's with standard duplexing  

















             Optional dual paper trays and finisher unit





base model 

Simple to use design operation, color operator touch screen, low cost of ownership.

         FS-6525MFP Brochure                  FS-6530MFP Brochure                  

Kyocera B&W FS-C6525MFP  & FS-C6530MFP Digital Printer/ Copier/ Scanner

  • Cost effective B&W MFP that prints letter, legal or ledger (1" x 17") size papers

  • Simple to use design with color touch screen panel

  • Very low cost per page, 1/2 cent per page at 5% coverage

  • Copy/print 300,000 pages before 1st scheduled maintenance

  •  Up to 30 pages per minute, duplex printing, copying and scanning  

Cost-Effective B&W Printing, Copying and Scanning up to up to 11" x 17" with option fax  

Kyocera's  new FS-6525MFP and FS-6530MFP to join the award winning Kyocera MPF product line. FS-6525MFP prints and copies up to 25PPM while the FS-6530MFP prints and copies up to 30PPM in black & white.   Both come with standard duplex (two sided) copying and printing.  They feature Kyocera's Ecosys Technology with long life imaging consumables that reduce cost and the amount of waste produced while using less energy.  Both of these MFPs have a very low cost per page at 1/2  cent per page for B&W.

The FS-6525MFP and FS-6530MFP feature a new easy to use color touch screen panel and an optional card reader

 Some of the features that make the FS-6525MFP and FS-6530MFP simple to use are:

  • 4.3" color touch screen intuitive panel with on-board help and guidance
  • Favorites and shortcut keys with a document box for commonly used files and jobs
  • Wizard based simple setup and installation
  • User login screens
  • Hard function and numeric keys and one touch sending and favorite keys
  • Easy to install MFP with easy to install toner

 The document processor (feeder) for both is a reversing feeder that copies front and back allowing for duplexed copies and holds up to 50 sheets of paper. The base memory for both models is 1GB of  memory and feature a 800Mhz processors.  The FS-6525MFP and FS-6530MFP use Kyocera's Ecosys technology that incorporates long life engine components, the first scheduled maintenance is at 300,000 pages.  Both feature low noise emission and a compact 360 design that is attractive on all sides.  

Standard paper input is 600 sheets paper in the adjustable 500 sheet paper drawer and 100 in the multi purpose feeder. Paper input can be expanded to 1600 sheets by adding PF-471 sheet feeder.     These models accept Kyocera HyPAS custom solution.

  • Up to 30PPM B&W letter size (FS-6530MFP)

  • Up to 11 x 17" ledger size paper

  • 600 DPI  B&W laser printing

  • Fast processors for fast 1st page out

  • High base level of memory

  • Network Ready Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base TX

  • High Speed USB 2.0 

  • Emulations- PCL6, PS-L3

  • Win/MAC/UNIX/Linux drivers

  • KX Net Viewer & Command Center Web viewer

  • Standard input 600 sheets, expands to 1600

Color or B&W Scanning
  • Scan to e-mail, Scan to folder
  • Scan to FTP
  • Scan to plug in USB drive!
  • TWAIN Scan to PC via USB Port
  • Up to 100 one touch destinations


  • PDF (Color/ Mono)

  • TIFF (Mono)
  • JPG (Color) XMS
  • Up to 30CPM letter size (FS-6530MFP)

  • 50 sheet reserving document feeder (duplex)

  • 600 B&W DPI coping, 10 second warn up time

  • Scan once copy many, Electronic sorting, optional finisher

  • 25-400% Zoom

  • 1-999 continuous copies

  • 600 sheets of input standard, optional 500 sheet and 1000 sheet paper feeders

FAX (optional)
  • Group 3 FAXING at 33Kbs

  • FAX from on glass or document feeder

  • FAX from PC, Network FAX

  • 100 one touch dialing buttons

  • Sender Address Book

  • 50 dialing groups w/ up to 200 address per group

  • App 3 seconds per page transmission

  • 9.5 MB of RAM stores up to 700 pages


FS-65250MFP B&W Digital Printer/Copier/Scanner 

w/ reversing document feeder, color operator panel

  Please call or e-mail for pricing

FS-6530MFP B&W Digital Printer/Copier/Scanner

w/ reversing document feeder, color operator panel

Please call or e-mail for pricing


E-mail sales@PCandL.com   

or call 800.473.7909

Options for  FS-6525MFP and  FS-C6530MFP 


PF-471 Dual 500 Sheet Feeder (shown above on the top of page under machine)

Two additional second 500 adjustable sheet paper drawer. Holds 500 sheets of letter, legal or ledger size allowing you to have three different paper stocks or sizes on-line.  Comes with casters.


PF-470 Single 500 Sheet Feeder  (shown above on the right)

Single 500 sheet adjustable sheet paper drawer. Holds 500 sheets of letter, legal or ledger size allowing you to have two different paper stocks or sizes on-line.  With bottom cabinet and casters.


DF-470 Finisher and 500 Stacker  (shown on the top of page)

Finishing unit with multi-position stapling of up to 50 sheets of paper in top left, bottom left and two point of the side edge.   Output tray will stack up to 500 sheet of paper.


Fax System U

Fax upgrade modal  for the FS-6525MFP and FS6530MFP



TK-479 Toners rated for 15,000 pages at 5% coverage



PC&L is an authorized Kyocera Service Provider, our service area covers 100 miles any direction from Houston. Our service personal are based out of Houston.  We only provide on-site service in this area.  The FS-6525MFP and FS-6530MFP comes with a 3 year parts only warranty from Kyocera, it is not an on-site warranty.   We upgrade the warranty for the first year to on-site if the MFP is placed in service in the Houston, TX area. 

Printers, Computers, & LANs and Kyocera:

Printers, Computers, & LANs (PC&L) has been selling Kyocera  printers from its conception for 20 years and is consistently rated in the top 5 printer resellers in the United States (some years #1 and others 2nd).    PC&L has placed thousands of Kyocera printers into companies who are cost and environment conscious. A factory authorized Kyocera service center, PC&L will keep your Kyocera copiers and printers running like new. 

For more information:

web : www.pcandl.com

phone:  800.473.7909     713.462.6474

e-mail:  sales@pcandl.com                           


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